April & May 2018 – OADC Bi Monthly Newspaper

2018 OADC 12th Annual General Meeting
On April 18, 2018, the OADC hosted their 12th Annual General Meeting at Woodbine Racetrack and it was a huge success! With a record breaking attendance this year, the event was in full swing.
The evening kicked off with a message from the OADC Executive Director, Margaret Taylor. Margaret thanked everyone for attending and walked the guests through some of the main events, industry relevant topics and initiatives the OADC has delivered to its members over the past year. Those initiatives included: Prompt Payment, Negotiations, the new OADC Management Training Committee and the rollout of the OADC Marketing Campaign that will include a Website, Buyers Guide and Social Media platforms. Margaret also welcomed the first presenters of the evening, Marie Lloyd, Executive Director and Larry Brokenshire, Vice-Chair from the DeNovo Treatment Facility. De Novo is an alcohol and drug treatment facility operated as a partnership between the unionized construction trades members and contractor associations. They serve unionized construction workers, construction management personnel and their families, including youth. If someone in your organization is struggling with substance or alcohol addiction, please contact:
Marie Lloyd RP, ICADC, CCCS
Executive Director
De Novo Treatment Centre
To view DeNovo’s presentation on the programs offered, click here
To view DeNovo’s presentation on the Facility, click here
The Annual General Meeting continued after the DeNovo presentation. Your President’s speech was presented by the OADC President, Robin Priestly. Robin talked about the OADC’s Strategic Planning event that the Board participated, in September, 2017, and the objectives the Board has chosen to focus on over the next 3 years. They include, Promote the use of OADC Contractors, Intensify
efforts to pass Bill 142 (prompt
payment legislation), Continue efforts to work with our Partner LiUNA to provide more properly trained labour upon request for our members, and to ensure
that OADC members can
compete on price with nonunion
contractors. Robin also went on to talk about the retirement of our past Executive Director, Craig Moore and that we all send him best wishes. She also welcomed our new OADC Executive Director, Margaret Taylor who came on board October 1, 2017, after severing as Director of Operations. In November, 2017, we also welcomed Margaret’s Executive Assistant, Helen Garrett to the team. Robin thanked all the members, the committee members, and the Board who take time out of their busy schedules to make this organization better for our contractors. After Robin’s message, your 2018/2019 Board of Directors were elected. We are pleased to present your Board of Directors in alphabetical order, they are:
Ted Barron,
I&I Construction Services Limited
Sean Carter,
QM Environmental
Charlie Dahl,
JMX Contracting Inc.
Tim Maguire,
Triple M Demolition Inc.
Francesca Palleschi,
Curmann Contracting Ltd.
Robin Priestly,
Priestly Demolition Inc.
Over the past several years the OADC Board of Directors have really ramped up their efforts to provide our members with more value added services. We are thrilled and excited at the opportunity to continue the momentum over the next term.
After all the formalities were wrapped up, the guests enjoyed a magic show performed by Mike D’Uzro from Mega Magic. Mike’s edgy and interactive performance was very well received and kept our guest well entertained.
For more information about Mega Magic, please contact:
Mike D’Urzo
Mega Magic
We thank everyone who attended the 12th Annual OADC Annual General Meeting and look forward to the year ahead!