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OADC Annual General Meeting

June 17, 2020

The OADC Annual General Meeting was held on June 17th, 2020 in a very interesting and different way this year as everything was done via Zoom Video Conference

Here’s a snapshot of agenda:

Welcome and Introductions by Margaret Taylor, Executive Director

We want to welcome and recognize our new OADC members:
AMEC Foster Wheeler (Wood Canada Limited)
Canadian Industrial Specialties
Crossby Dewar Inc.
Environmental Response Team
Environmentall Contracting Services Inc.
PurEnvironmental Contracting Services
TEAM Industrial Services Inc.

We also want to thank our outgoing Board of Directors for all their hard work and dedication, the OADC would not be where it is today, and we sincerely appreciate all of your help and guidance

With the COVID rain upon us, the OADC has been busy over the past few months ramping up our communication, ensuring you the Members and your colleagues, have received the necessary information, in order to navigate through this ever-changing landscape. Our intention was not to flood our Membership, but more to try and focus on the meat and potatoes of the issues that truly impacted our industry. Those highlights include changes and updates to Health & Safety mandates. Provincial and Federal Employment Standards and Subsides, and other relevant issues that may have an impact on your financial and/or administrative infrastructures.

The OADC was very active over the past year with events, marketing and membership services. 

On November 19th & 20th, the OADC Board of Directors attended their third year of strategic planning with Erin Roberts from Zzeem Inc., in the Blue Mountains. The Board participated in a night of team building at Bare Axe Throwing, followed by an entire day of strategic planning. This event is designed to assist the Board in achieve on point strategic planning objectives, which are brought to fruition over a three year period. They will also continue this event this year, hopefully in the fall or early winter. This year will bring a whole new three year strategic plan, with objectives for the Association and the Members.

Also in November the OADC hosted a Maple Leaf’s game and offered a large suite to 24 OADC Members and their guests. It was a super fun night and we hope to do it again in the future. 

On December 3rd, 4th & 5th, the OADC was present at Construct Canada, or the Buildings Show. The OADC was happy to put up their very first trade show booth. We had a lot of participation from the Membership and are thankful to all of those who helped out and attended the show. 

And finally the OADC was present at this year’s Con-Expo in Vegas. Due to COVID the numbers were down, but I was able to attend and was able to have a nice dinner with a few OADC Contractors and their Representatives.  

Jurisdictional Dispute and Grievance Management Policy from Margaret Taylor, and Jay Rider
Over the years, the OADC has been more involved in assisting our Members in navigating through union grievances and also been at the table when Jurisdictional Disputes potentially have an impact on our scope of work. The OADC Board thought it would be best to outline a policy for the Members to better assist when these issues arise. We welcome any questions to Margaret Taylor at .

Annual General Meeting
Call to Order from OADC acting President and Chair, Ted Barron which included
Approval of April 17 2019 AGM Meeting Minutes
Review of the 2019 Year End Financial Statement
Approval to appoint Adam & Miles LLP as public accountan
Announcement of the 2020/2021 Board of Directors:
Ted Barron from I&I Construction Services Limited 
Tim Maguire from Triple M Demolition Inc.
Robert Miedema from Inflector Environmental Services
Brian Priestly from Priestly Demolition Inc.
Carmelo Pastore from Delsan-AIM Environmental Services Inc.
Travis Willison from GFL Infrastructure Group Inc.

In closing, we want to thank you all for your participation in our event and we look forward to holding another event in the near future. We also wanted to give special thanks to Jay Rider for his contributions to the presentation on the Jurisdictional Dispute and Grievance Management Policy.

Special Thanks by Margaret Taylor

Charlie Dahl:
“I want to take a moment to recognize our past President and Chair, Charlie Dahl. Charlie knows how much I truly appreciated his leadership and guidance, and how much he has dedicated to this Association over the past 9 years. Charlie has not only represented the Membership on the Board, he has also sat on several different committees which include, the Negotiations Committee, and the
OADC/LiUNA Joint Apprenticeship Committee. Charlie was present at every meeting and always comes to the table with fresh ideas and a smile on his face. I can confidently say that this organization wouldn’t be where it was today, without your help and guidance.
Thank you Charlie, and we wish you the very best.”

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Francesa Palleschi:
“I want to the take the next moment to appreciate Francesca Palleschi for her years of services to the OADC Board of Directors. Francesca has served on the Board since 2015 and we want to thank her for her value and commitment. Francesca, thank you so much for the past 6 years and all the hard work you have devoted to the OADC.”



We recognize the various difficulties and complexities employers are facing as we all try to get the economy back up to speed, a major one of which is actually getting employees back in the workplace. If you haven’t seen it yet,  click here  to see what  Jay Rider  had to say when he was interviewed by CTV regarding the dilemmas employers are currently facing as they recall employees to work. As Jay notes, while many employees are eager to return, there are some who cannot, some who want to work fewer hours and some who are just saying no: problems we discussed in previous CCPartners Webinars about operating a business during and after COVID-19 – in case you missed those you can check out Episode 15 (construction-specific) and Episode 16 on our  Broadcasts   page. 
However, as the landscape shifts and different government programs and regulations are implemented, amended and removed, we know you have more questions:  so stay tuned, another webinar is just around the corner to help address these various issues as Canada and its constituent provinces progress through the various re-opening phases.


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