About Us

Associate with the Best.

The Ontario Association of Demolition Contractors ("OADC") formerly known as the Metropolitan Toronto Demolition Contractors Association ("MTDCA") has been a powerful voice in the demolition and abatement industry since 1976. In 2004, MTDCA re-incorporated as the OADC in order to embrace the diversity of our provincially recognized membership. Our members consist of employers who are actively engaged in the demolition and abatement industry and have signed the Demolition Collective Agreement with the Labourers' International Union of North America ("LiUNA"). OADC Member companies are tier-one providers of demolition and abatement services in the construction sector, consistently chosen to work on projects that demand highly trained, safety aware industry professionals.

OADC's role with our Members

OADC is here to support your success. We provide invaluable advocacy on key issues, member representation, updates on industry news and networking and trade events to keep you competitive. As your trade association, we’re committed to driving new business, showcasing member business value and bringing our membership exclusive benefits:


As the Employer Bargaining Agent for all Demolition and Abatement Contractors who have signed the Demolition Collective Agreement with LiUNA OPDC, we provide professional representation to member companies. We also lobby government and its agencies on behalf of the industry.

Fellowship and Member Engagement

The OADC hosts and attends quarterly member events for networking and fellowship. We also attend Industry meetings to keep membership informed about relevant, trending issues and changes. OADC also hosts an Annual General Meeting which offers opportunities for professional development and knowledge exchange.

Membership Support

OADC is committed to our members. We assist members to navigate and interpret the current Collective Agreement. 
OADC also helps with grievance management and jurisdictional dispute support.

Growing Members’ Business

OADC helps members keep on top of industry developments and current affairs through OADC communications. The Association also expands members’ industry networks through social events and networking opportunities. Finally, OADC raises company’s profiles through exposure over print and digital platforms.

Workforce Management

OADC provides members with current legislation about Health and Safety, WSIB, Ministry of Labour and other Provincial Government implementations or changes. OADC also provides access to Ontario College of Trade programs and apprentices.

More about OADC

Presently, there are approximately 80 contractors who are members of the OADC.

In October 2008, Craig Moore began his tenure as Executive Director of the OADC. Craig brought over 40 years of experience in the construction, demolition and safety industry. OADC was fortunate to have him as a part of our team.

In July 2016, Margaret Taylor joined OADC as the Director of Operations. Her role includes labour relations, operations, compliance and administration. Margaret has been in the Interior Demolition and Asbestos Abatement business for 17 years and brings a multifaceted skill base to the Industry and the Association.

After nine years as Executive Director with the OADC, Craig Moore decided to retire on October 1, 2017. The Board of Directors was delighted to appoint Margaret Taylor as the OADC’s new Executive Director.

Currently, the OADC is nearing the end of its 2017-2020 strategic plan. Our main objectives include:

  1. Promoting the use of all OADC Contractors
  2. Intensifying our efforts to ignite Bill 142 and other industry relevant legislation
  3. Focusing on developing needed workforce and to ensure that each OADC Member receives qualified personnel.
  4. Continuing the effort and supporting our partners in the promotion of unionized work

In the future, OADC commits to championing the issues that matter to our members and work to advance industry best practices. We will also continue to expand our role and elevate our profile to better market our member companies, while working with all levels of government and other industry associations to ensure that our members’ voice and position is heard.