Curmann Contracting Ltd

Curmann Contracting Ltd
Company: Curmann Contracting Ltd

For 40 years, Curmann Contracting Ltd. has built and consistently maintained a go-to reputation in Interior Demolition and Environmental Abatement in Toronto. Our commitment to quality workmanship and professionalism has resulted in the accumulation of long term clients who expect and receive complete satisfaction with each project, large or small. Our exemplary safety record continues to speak for itself as we maintain skills and safety training to the highest standard. No safety precaution can be repeated too often and ‘safety first’ is our default motto. Recycling of construction materials requires transparent accountability and as a subcontractor who cares about the environment and our corporate responsibility, we take extra measures to re-use and recycle, often going beyond the specifications of individual projects.

Phone Number: 416-755-1512
Address: 88 Northline Rd. Toronto, ON M4B 3E5
Contact: Francesca Palleschi